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3 Wellness Tips You Can Begin Today

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

These subtle, little wellness tweaks to your everyday routine can have a big impact on how you feel.

Three different types of succulents in various pots on a wooden bench
One idea to upgrade your wellness: Invest in some kid- and pet-friendly houseplants.

The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged me to make some subtle tweaks to my wellness routine and they’ve had a noticeable impact on my overall well-being. I actually smile more because of them.

Here are three things I’ve been doing more often that can help you, too.

  • Open the windows as much as possible. Circulate that fresh air into every corner of your home. Let nature naturally bring in new energy. Smell the freshly cut grass and the evening breeze. Working with the windows open, I’ve grown to love the chirps of the birds and the crickets.

  • Make more home-cooked meals. Recipe inspiration is everywhere. From websites to cookbooks, there is something on the menu for everyone. So that we have healthy options throughout the week, my husband and I batch bake and bulk cook on the weekend for our family's different dietary needs to save time and energy, especially during busy weeknights.

  • Add some houseplants. Green is my husband’s favorite color, and little by little, we’ve been acquiring more green in the form of houseplants. Of course, if you have little ones or pets, make sure the plants are safe for kids and pets. I like growing plants you can use in meals, like basil to make delicious pesto as a topping for chicken, fish or pasta.

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Practice It: Choose One Wellness Practice

Pick one thing from the list above or another small tweak you’ve been wanting to try. After a day, notice whether you feel different. Write it down. Repeat this exercise after one week, two weeks and a month to document how this minor tweak brings value to your life.

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Vacation Vicky
Vacation Vicky
Aug 22, 2021

Interesting thouughts

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