Pause to Celebrate You

Updated: Apr 23

How often do you celebrate your accomplishments? Take time today to recognize yourself as a mom and overall awesome person with this practice.

Woman in a purple sweater and red nails with star confetti in the air
Your life will sparkle when you sprinkle in celebration.

In our constant go, go, go culture, it’s necessary to take a break to celebrate small wins even if they’re things you ordinarily wouldn’t celebrate. End of diaper days? Reason to celebrate. Half birthday? Cause for celebration. No temper tantrums for a day? Celebrate. No temper tantrums for a week? Celebrate some more.

And by celebration, I mean anything you can do to recognize a job well done—either by you or someone else. It could be taking a moment to thank yourself when you walk by a mirror, playing a song that makes you and your kids dance, scheduling a massage or buying a new book. (Check out my award-winning book 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas.) I base my celebrations around self-care—a dinner date with my husband, a quiet night reading, a journal entry to acknowledge the achievement.

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It’s easy to bulldoze your way through more achievements without recognizing the sheer awesomeness of your efforts. If you worked through a project seamlessly well ahead of the deadline or you managed to take the kids to the grocery store without any major meltdowns, including when you walked passed the toy aisle, these are accomplishments, my friends, and thus something to celebrate.

What and how often are you celebrating these days? Reflect with this practice.

Practice It: Recognize Yourself

  • Write a list of every major accomplishment from your entire life. What are you most proud of? Circle those things. Then pick a person to share your list with. Read it out loud.

  • Ask them to write and share their list with you, too.

  • Then go celebrate each other. Cook a healthy meal together, try a farm-to-table restaurant, attend a yoga class.

When you string all of the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years together, your time on this earth becomes a strand that beads together this beautiful necklace of life. Life is cause for celebration. Celebrate out loud.

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