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30 Things That Bring Joy

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I’ve gathered a list of the things that bring me heart-bursting joy on this beautiful planet. Are the things that bring you joy, too, on this list?

A woman glancing at the side in a long-sleeve white short standing indoors
Gather gratitude and express your joy.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to list these things that bring me heart-bursting joy.

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  1. My family

  2. My friends

  3. Pregnancy

  4. Practicing yoga

  5. Leading yoga

  6. Reading high-vibe books

  7. Learning

  8. Journaling

  9. Writing

  10. Meditation

  11. Ayurveda

  12. Dancing

  13. Music

  14. Gathering, connecting and sharing with others

  15. Traveling (but not the packing part)

  16. Quality dark chocolate

  17. Warm water with lemon or lime

  18. Exercise

  19. Sleeping well on a consistent basis

  20. Eating a vibrant, nourishing meal

  21. A clean, organized space to live and work

  22. The ocean and really any body of water

  23. The magnificence of mountains

  24. Looking at an expansive sky full of twinkling stars

  25. Carving out space to fully be in the present moment

  26. Inspiring others to live well

  27. The possibilities

  28. Having a beginner's mindset

  29. Remaining curious

  30. Having something to look forward to

What brings you joy? Are there items not listed here that you would add?

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