What It Takes to Take Good Care of Yourself

Updated: Apr 26

How do you know when you’re taking optimal care? What does it feel like to take good care of you? Let’s explore.

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Self-care might look different for you than your best friend, but there are some basic self-care things that unite us all.

What does it take to take good care of yourself?

The answer varies depending on who you ask.

For some, it might be taking naps on weekends. For others, it might be a nightly soak in the tub. Or it might be reading one uplifting book a month.

Your self-care practices may ebb and flow with the seasons of the year (e.g., running outside in the spring and making warm, nourishing soups in the winter), and the seasons of your life (e.g., trying to squeeze in a 30-minute workout session right after feeding the baby and just before getting ready for work, and journaling a few minutes every day about what you want out of your retirement).

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No matter what self-care practices you are doing to support your overall well-being right now, there are some things that unite us all when it comes to taking good care.

Self-care takes:

  • Practice

  • Patience

  • Trying

  • Commitment to your well-being

  • Vigilance

  • Persistence

  • Courage

  • Love

  • Intention

  • Attention

  • Appreciation

  • Inner knowing

  • Kindness

  • Compassion

  • Respect

Those are a lot of things, I know, but a lot of this is already within you. We already have all the answers we need within.

Practice It: Do Something Nice for Yourself Today

Some days my intention is to just be nice to myself. What is one way you can show kindness toward yourself today? Perhaps not being so hard on yourself after giving a presentation. Perhaps listening to your body’s call for a full night’s sleep. Perhaps taking a walk outside without worrying about your pace or how many steps you get in, but to just simply enjoy yourself.

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