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Manifest Your Biggest Dream

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Have you done that thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish in your life? Sometimes it’s not easy to follow your dreams, but it’s possible. Learn how to manifest your dreams starting today.

Woman sitting on coach with pen, notebook and laptop looking off into the distance
Dream big, bright and bold.

I always wanted to be an author.

My first book was published in 2019.

My second one in 2020.

I always wanted to be a blogger.

This blog you're reading launched in 2018.

But I have been writing for much, much longer than this.

I always wanted to inspire people to live well.

This is my intention that is behind being a yoga teacher, author, blogger and speaker.

I remember writing and illustrating books when I was a kid and reading, reading, reading. For fun.

Reading and writing are still fun for me today. Even with so many other things going on, I find myself filling up small parts of my day reading and writing. Give me 5 minutes and I’d rather read a chapter from a book than scroll through my social media feeds. I love to create my own content, ideas and yoga sequences, and reading and getting inspired by other creative works.

It’s not easy to follow your dreams; it takes a lot of work. But it’s possible. Keeping your commitment to yourself is sacred to your soul.

And even when you accomplish your dreams and goals, there is still space to expand them into their fullest expression.

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Practice It: Write About Your Biggest Dream

What is your biggest dream?

You didn’t think you’d read this blog post without being asked this, right? Journal about your biggest dream and why it would be so fulfilling to accomplish it. How will you know when you’ve reached it? How will it feel when you've achieved it? Really think big here. Write about it, decide how you will get there and then take action, step by step, to start living your dream.


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