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This Is Why You Should Carry a Notebook and Pen

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Inspiration is everywhere. Learn how bringing paper and pen with you everywhere can help inspire your creativity.

Person writing on white paper with a pen on a white desk
Carry these two things with you because you just never know when your next big idea will arrive.

When I became a mom, I started carrying a notebook and a pen with me everywhere I went, which led me to writing down inspiration I received from songs, nature, conversations, meals, travel, and my commute to and from work. There’s something about writing things down with a pen instead of typing it in my phone, which I’ve done, too, that helps inspire more creativity. Plus, when I write things down as opposed to typing them, I remember them better, as if the pen and paper sync with my thoughts and actions.

My notebook, different from my journals (yes, I’m always writing!), contains a blend of:

  • Words and phrases that might turn into a theme of a yoga class or a topic of a blog post

  • My to-do list

  • Notes to help me remember

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Practice It: Carry a Notebook and Pen With You Everywhere for a Week

Notice how often you think about writing something down and how often you actually write it down. Jot it down and see where the ideas take you. Do they encourage more creativity?

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