Why You Should Carry a Notebook and Pen With You

Updated: Jan 18

Inspiration is everywhere. Use these two tools to help inspire your creativity.

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Carry these two things with you because you just never know when your next big idea will arrive.

I started carrying a notebook and a pen with me everywhere I went when I became a mom, but that led me to writing down inspiration I received from songs, nature, conversations, meals, travel, my commute to and from work. There’s something about writing things down with a pen instead of typing it in my phone, which I’ve done, too, that helps inspire more creativity. Plus, when I write things down as opposed to typing them, I remember them better, as if the pen and paper sync with my thoughts and actions.

My notebook, different from my journals (yes, I’m always writing!), contains a blend of:

  • Words and phrases that might turn into a theme of a yoga class or a topic of a blog post

  • My to-do list

  • Notes so I don’t forget

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Practice It: Carry a Notebook and Pen With You Everywhere for a Week

Notice how often you think about writing something down, how often you actually write things down and where the ideas take you. Do they encourage more creativity?

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