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A Poem for Busy Moms: The Life of a Working Mom

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

This poem is my heartfelt take on the experience of being a busy working mom. Can you relate?

String of pink and green beads mom necklace
Busy nurturer: You are enough and you do enough.

I was inspired to write this poem around Mother's Day 2018. From one busy nurturer to the next, this poem is dedicated to all the busy people who have full workloads and full hearts.

Ask me how my day was. I'll tell you it was fine. But the truth is that I did a lot in very little time. I woke after my alarm clock rang, so I couldn't jump-start my day. I was rushing around so much this morning, I couldn't stop to play.

There were bags to pack, lunches to make and breakfasts to prepare. I was in such a hurry to start my day, I forgot to brush my hair. I dropped off my kids at daycare and school so they could learn and grow. Yet part of me wishes that I was in the know Of everything they did throughout the entire day. But I had to get to work, there were meetings underway. As my mind stayed buzzing with busyness, leaping from one task to another I paused for a moment to remind myself that I am first a mother. I thought about the things in life that truly matter most

Like the sweet hugs, smiles and kisses, and the family dinners that involve only toast. Reflecting on these moments is something many nurturers do. We are the ones who hold our families and the rest of the world together like glue. We are the warriors and the goddesses, the leaders and the teachers. We inspire change.

Our skills, passions and interests cover a breathtaking range. We have more love, courage and inner strength than anyone will fully know. These qualities are so abundant that we can't help but to let them flow.

For the tired and the overworked mamas and the mamas who have it tough Know that you are appreciated and valued, and that you do enough.

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