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Mantra to Change Your Life

Are you ready for change? Are you willing to change? Prepare yourself with this mantra. New Year’s resolutions, here we come.

Change can be challenging. It requires a different way of thinking and living. Sometimes we resist change. Sometimes we need it.

You can create a life you love by making the changes you need to get you there. Even though it takes time, energy, planning and reconfiguring, making a change that serves you is worth it.

This video is part of A Second for Yourself—a 52-week mantra video series that encourages moms to take a second for themselves. For more mantras, subscribe to my Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel.

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This week's mantra: I am willing to change.

Practice It: Do Something Different

What’s one small change you will start to implement today? Share with us by tagging @JulieGtheYogi on Instagram or add a comment to this YouTube video.


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