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Self-Care Practices to Awaken and Invigorate During Kapha Time of Year

In Ayurveda, every season is associated with a dosha, and the weather outside impacts your dosha. Learn what qualities reign in the spring.

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In Ayurveda, every season of the year is associated with a dosha and its qualities. We are connected to the seasons: The weather impacts our dosha and we take on the attributes of the environment.

Late winter through spring is kapha time of year. Water and earth—the kapha elements—rule this season. From when the ground freezes to the first glimpse of green grass, kapha qualities (called gunas) reign: cold, dense, dull, heavy, oily, smooth, soft and stable.

Because of these qualities, you might notice excess mucus from seasonal allergies and that it's not as easy to get going in the morning.

The way to balance kapha is through ritucharya (seasonal routine) and dinacharya (daily routine) customized to meet your needs, including what you eat and the time you wake up.

Spring Routine to Balance Kapha

Because everything from digestion to energy can be more sluggish this time of year, self-care practices that help awaken, cleanse and invigorate, can help pacify kapha. Of course, everyone's routine will look a little different depending on stage of life and dosha.

Waking up with the sunrise, cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper, drinking warm water with lemon and energizing your yoga practice with sun salutations are some practices that can help pacify kapha. For more ways to balance the qualities of the season with your routine, sign up for Nourish Note, my monthly newsletter.

Spring Ayurvedic Yoga Classes

I lead Ayurvedic yoga classes to help you balance the qualities of the season. In spring, take a kapha-balancing class to energize and reawaken your mind, body and soul.

5 Ways to Learn More About Ayurveda and Self-Care

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