I Don’t Need to Prove Myself

Updated: Apr 29

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I spent a good part of my life trying to prove myself to other people. But it took me until a few years ago to realize that I don’t need to convince anyone that I can do it.

No longer needing to prove myself has taken the pressure off being perfect. Now I just wake up, show up and do the best I can every day. This looks different day to day because we’re constantly changing even in small ways that can't yet be seen.

We’re in week 5 of A Second for Yourself—a yearlong series of video #shorts on my Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel that encourages everyday moms to take a second for themselves. These motivational mantras represent things we all think about and care about to carry us through each week.

If you’ve been following along, congratulations! You’ve completed your first month. Get ready for the next one!

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This week's mantra: I don’t need to prove myself.

Practice It: Do Your Best, It's Not a Test

First, a journaling prompt: Do you still feel like you need to prove something? What is it? Who are you trying to prove it to?

Then, an opportunity for you to inspire other people: What if you went through life without the need to prove anything to anyone? How would you live differently? Share your tips by tagging @JulieGtheYogi on Instagram or adding a comment in this YouTube video.

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