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30-Second Practice to Forgive Yourself

Mamas, forgive yourself first and it’s so much easier to forgive others. Start with this forgiveness practice.

The first step in forgiving others is to forgive yourself and love yourself even when you mess up because who doesn’t sometimes?

It can be helpful to write yourself a forgiveness letter and then read it to yourself out loud. Listen to the words and feel their vibration when you say them.

When you forgive yourself first, it’s so much easier to forgive others.

This video is part of A Second for Yourself—a 52-week mantra video series that encourages moms to take a second for themselves. For more mantras, subscribe to my Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel.

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This week's mantra: I forgive myself.

Practice It: Forgive Yourself First

What do you need to forgive yourself for? Share with us by tagging @JulieGtheYogi on Instagram or add a comment in this YouTube video.


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