It Takes Courage

Updated: Apr 23

When courage calls, do you answer?

Person with pink pants and yellow shirt in a hand mudra meditating on an altitude with ancient building in the background
Live with strength in your mind, peace in your body and courage in your heart.

When I think about courage, I think about leaving fear in the shadows in favor of opening my arms to embrace love in a warm hug, but many tiny details go into this thought, including those on the list below.

I write this list from the perspective of a busy, working mom, but this list can be applied to anyone holding hands with courage as a friendly guide on the next step in their journey.

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It takes courage to:

  • Change patterns that have been so deeply rooted in you that they are part of your everyday existence—behaviors such as what you eat for breakfast (if you eat it) to what time you go to bed (when you feel like it, anyone?), even how you sit, stand and breathe

  • Live an inspired life

  • Live the life you have imagined for yourself

  • Take good care of yourself and know that you’re worth it

  • Show up in your own life every day for you and your kids off the mat and for your yoga and meditation practice on the mat

  • Present your true self, your highest self, to the world

  • Choose to live in the high vibrations and generate some of your own

  • Say “no” to that which no longer suits you

  • Say “yes” to that which would suit you better

  • Ask for what you want

  • State what you need

  • Ask for help

  • Be a working mama in the modern world (Building a career while growing and raising babies is one of the most courageous modern-day paths I know of.)

  • Be in a relationship

  • Be a leader

  • Be vulnerable

  • Live with intention

  • Try something new

  • Ask questions

  • Do the inner work

  • Stand up for your self-care

This is a living list, and I’d like to keep it growing and going.

Practice It: Write Your Courage List

What items would you add to this list?

When courage calls, will you answer?

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