My Favorite Chocolate: Theo® Chocolate

Updated: Apr 26

This organic, fair-trade certified chocolate is my go-to treat.

Theo Chocolate Factory sign from Seattle
If you're planning to visit Seattle, check out the Theo Factory.

I didn’t know quality chocolate until I tried Theo® Chocolate at the Theo Factory in May 2015. My husband and I went on a tour of the factory in Seattle, and almost every month since, we've purchased this chocolate.

It’s organic, fair-trade certified and made from scratch, and there are several 70% dark chocolate options. It checked all my boxes.

My favorites are:

  • Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

  • Dark Chocolate Salted Almond

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During the tour, my husband chewed the chocolate samples so fast that he couldn’t taste the difference in flavors, but I did. I mindfully savored every piece. Some had floral notes, some had almond notes.

Fast forward five years, and I typically eat one or two squares at least a few times a week, so a full bar will last me a few days to a week.

Check out the chocolate on the Theo Chocolate website. This chocolate makes a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves dark chocolate.

Practice It: Savor Every Decadent Bite

Take a square of this dark chocolate and bite into it mindfully. Allow each piece to melt in your mouth. Close your eyes for a few bites and see if your sense of taste is heightened. If you’re satisfied with one square, stop there. If you want another square, repeat this practice.

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