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Your Intuition Is Probably Right

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Do you follow your heart and your gut? Channel your intuition. It's your superpower.

Do you listen to your gut?

Can you hear it right now? What’s it saying?

Intuition is your superpower, mama.

Before my due date with my first child, I knew my baby was going to break my water from kicking so hard. And he did! He arrived two weeks early.

Trust yourself and trust that you know the way and if you don’t, trust that you’ll find it.

The intuition keeps on flowing if you let it.

This video is part of A Second for Yourself—a 52-week mantra video series on my Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel that encourages everyday moms to take a second for themselves. Missed the earlier mantras? See them on my YouTube Channel and be sure to subscribe.

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This week's mantra: My gut is right.

Practice It: Listen to Your Gut

Do you remember a time when you knew something before it was even said or before it came true? Share your experience with us! Tag @JulieGtheYogi on Instagram or add a comment in this YouTube video.


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