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You Are Already Making a Difference

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Every decision you make and action you take has a ripple effect and the power to help inspire the world. Start with this mantra for busy moms.

You impact your own life and the lives of others with everything you do. Every interaction you have, every time you step outside your house and every time you speak, you have the power to help inspire the world.

Small things, such as smiling and saying “thank you” to someone who opens a door for you at a restaurant, matter.

The vibration of your life, your spirit and your essence, impacts us all.

Thank you for making a difference.

This video is part of A Second for Yourself—a 52-week mantra video series that encourages moms to take a second for themselves. Be the first to know about upcoming videos by subscribing to my Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel.

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This week's mantra: My life makes a difference.

Practice It: Believe in Yourself

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