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Everything Is Temporary

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

April is Stress Awareness Month. Take action to manage your stress. Begin with this mantra.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), how stressed are you right now?

If you ask me this question every day for a week, I would probably give a different answer every day of the week.

Some days life is just stressful. OK a lot of days feel stressful. There’s even a month to recognize that. April is Stress Awareness Month.

You discover that your favorite shirt has a rip in it. The strawberries you just bought became fuzzy and moldy overnight. Oh, and you stepped on a sharp corner of a toy. All before walking outside of your house for the day.

And I know that’s not just me.

These little stressors add up to a mountain of tension if we don’t have strategies to manage stress.

Yoga teaches us about the impermanence of everything and that the present moment is the only place life truly exists. Nothing is permanent—not a house, a job, a car or the moldy strawberries.

Whatever you’re going through, know that it’s temporary.

This video is part of A Second for Yourself—a 52-week mantra video series on my Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel that encourages everyday moms to take a second for themselves. If you missed the earlier mantras, check out my YouTube Channel and subscribe.

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This week's mantra: This struggle is temporary.

Practice It: Put Your Stress in Perspective

What’s your top tip for managing stress? Share it with us! Tag @JulieGtheYogi on Instagram or add a comment in this YouTube video.


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