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Your Life Matters

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

You are just as important as everyone else in your life. Here’s how to start believing it and living your truth.

Woman with strawberry blonde hair and an orange backpack facing a snow-capped mountain with evergreens
You deserve wellness, too.

You matter.

How you live matters.

How you want to live matters.

How you design your life matters.

Your health and happiness matter.

How much sleep you get matters.

How much water you drink matters.

How many veggies you eat matters.

How much exercise you get matters.

How much you meditate matters.

The time you wake up and go to bed matter.

The time you spend on self-care matters.

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The time you spend with your partner matters. (Who needs more date nights? Anyone?)

The time you spend with your children with wholehearted presence matters.

Your ideas matter. (They do. Really.)

Taking time to journal and process and digest your experiences, thoughts and feelings matters.

Being mindful of how much technology you use matters.

How you respond matters.

How you treat others matters.

Your vibration—energy, voice, word choices and thoughts—matter.

Your life matters. You, beautiful person reading this, matter. You matter. You matter. You matter.

So get out there and shine your big, bright beautiful light.

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