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How Your Creativity Can Help

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Learn how your creative ideas can inspire others and spark goodness and positive change in the world.

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Elevate your innovation.

Are you creative?

Chances are that you are—even if you don’t consider yourself creative.

In fact, you’ve probably already created something at some point today. Maybe you cooked yourself a meal, painted your bedroom or started a virtual book club.

You have an imagination and ideas. You brainstorm and daydream. And whether your ideas and creations have come to fruition, people are counting on your creative gifts—even if you don’t think they are.

Whether you’ve created babies, a blog, a podcast, poems, art, music, friendship, a loving home, connection with others, a travel itinerary, a weekly meal plan, you are creative—even if these are ordinary things you do in your everyday life.

Your creativity can help humanity. You can help people just by being your naturally creative self and sharing your talents with the world.

No one can do what you can uniquely do because no one else is you.

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What helps you feel creative? What inspires you?

Writing, yoga, meditation and being outside help me experience the depths of my creativity. I’m often inspired on the mat just as much as I am in nature or putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). What could be turns into what is or what will be.

If your creativity hasn’t fully emerged, nurture it to help it find its way.

Practice It: Serve Others With Your Creativity

Spark inspiration with this practice.

  • List the things you’re proud of that you’ve created.

  • List the things you haven’t created yet but want to. (Maybe today is the day to start)

How can you serve others with what you wrote on your lists? If you have an idea, it’s likely someone else will benefit from your creativity.

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