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Courage to Grow

Turn your attention to your inner strength with this Word of the Week.

Word of the Week: Courage

If there’s something you’re afraid to do, find your inner strength and follow through.

The year before I became a published author, "courage" was my word of the year. That was 2018.

Before that, I had courage, but not like this. Something from within wanted to share my dharma (life's path or soul's purpose) with the world in a new and bold way.

I repeated "courage" in my mind during my daily japa (mantra) meditation. I wrote about it in my journal. I saw the word in my mind. I manifested courage so that I could take the steps I needed to that year to help me achieve my dream of becoming a published author.

As scary as it was to venture into the unknown, I had the courage to take the next step. I had the courage to try. I had the courage to be a beginner.

What does your soul need the courage to do?

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