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How to Bring Harmony to Work and Family Life

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

October is National Work and Family Month. I’m glad busy working parents get a month that recognizes all the work they do.

Person holding five brown, smooth stones with words on them: vision, faith, love, family and success
What do you get when you mix work, with raising a family and following your dreams? There’s no one right answer.

I’m a full-time working mom living a busy life like many of you reading this. During the pandemic, I was even busier because there were more things to think about, such as not forgetting the back-up face masks and packing extra hand sanitizer in the kids’ backpacks before dropping them off at school.

October recognizes National Work and Family Month. I’m glad we working moms have a month that recognizes that we do a lot.

There isn’t just one thing that’s important in my life—I’m grateful that there are so many. My family is important to me. My work is important to me. Self-care is important to me. Yoga is important to me. Writing is important to me.

What about you? What’s important to you?

And how do you find harmony with it all? You just make it happen however you can, right?

If you really, really want to write a book or start a blog or a podcast, you can make it happen with intention, persistence and commitment. That’s how I did it.

Working at the same time as raising kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dreams. In fact, being a working parent inspires my dreams and purpose.

I’m a self-care advocate for working moms for a reason: We need self-care. How else are we supposed to sustainably keep everything going?

And what happens when more than one parent works full-time, which is the reality for so many of us? My husband is our primary cook, and I couldn’t do what I do without his tremendous help. He needs self-care, too. Everyone does.

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Practice It: Review Your Commitments

Sometimes work-life harmony means letting go of a responsibility or commitment that doesn’t serve you at this time. Do you really need to be a member of another committee? If so, and it’s part of your life’s work, great! But if not, think thoroughly about it, and if you can let it go, you’ll be freeing up space for the things and people most important to you, including yourself.


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