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3 Ways to Tell If You're Intuitive

Here are key indications that you're intuitive. Learn more about this Word of the Week.

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Word of the Week: Intuitive

Listen to your heart. You’ll know where to start.

Have you ever felt that you were intuitive? Like things you thought or felt were more than coincidences? You may think about a song on the radio just before it plays, or you may think about a friend you haven't seen in a while and then a few minutes later, you get a text from her.

It turns out that people who have a connection with their intuition have some things in common. Many of them can sense a change before it happens. They may see, feel, hear and know things without even thinking about them.

Here are three ways to tell if you're intuitive:

  1. You're highly empathetic. You sometimes feel like you absorb other people's emotions or take those feelings on yourself.

  2. You trust your inner voice. Even with other people telling you one thing, you don't fully believe it unless your instincts align with it.

  3. You have an incredible sense of self-awareness. You pay very close attention to messages from within, from others and from the universe. You're highly tuned in to your inner and outer environments.

Of course, there are many other ways to tell if you're intuitive, but I have found that these have been the most powerful for me.

People who are highly intuitive often also naturally have a self-reflection practice and regularly reflect on their life experiences. To them, everything has meaning and significance. Sometimes the message has to be uncovered to be discovered.

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