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Invigorate With a Nourishing Lifestyle

Updated: May 7, 2023

Rejuvenate your life with Ayurveda. Start with this Word of the Week.

Word of the Week: Invigorate

Nourish yourself with how you sleep, move and eat. Rejuvenate your soul by finding your beat.

To all the nurturers who take care of others, this article is for you. To all of the nurturers who take care of others, this note is for you.

I find learning about Ayurveda invigorating. Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science and one of the world’s oldest medical systems. In Ayurveda, an important measure of your vitality is how you support your ojas, which is one of the three subtle essences in Ayurveda.

Ojas is the final product of optimal digestion. It's our vital energy that supports higher states of consciousness and our immunity, resiliency and digestion—not only of the food we eat, but also our thoughts, emotions and experiences.

We can invigorate our lives by building ojas. The state of our ojas reflects how we nourish ourselves. Signs of high ojas include signs of vitality, such as skin that glows, eyes that sparkle and clarity of thought.

Depleted ojas can come from overworking, high stress, and sleeping too much or too little. It can show up as negativity, dry skin and low energy.

Here are some things you can to do help support building ojas:

  • Eat according to the season of the year, the season of your life and your mind-body constitution (dosha), which includes maintaining a consistent daily schedule of when you eat.

  • Exercise, especially walking in nature.

  • Feed your mind with nourishing information.

  • Get quality sleep.

  • Practice restorative yoga, yoga nidra and bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion).

  • Spend time in silence.

Your goal: Build your ojas. Before you make a decision, ask: Does this support my ojas?

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