Is This My Thought or Feeling or Is It Yours?

Updated: Apr 27

Imagine going through life with a protective layer of peace. This practice can help you get started.

Woman with long, dark hair in pink dress walking in grass field with no shoes with a cloudy sky in the background
Does how we live reflect who we want to be?

No matter how much we may not want to believe it, other people’s moods, opinions, thoughts and feelings impact us, and our moods, opinions, thoughts and feelings impact other people.

We’re all connected in so many ways—ways we can’t even see.

Like a sponge, we may take in and absorb others’ emotions and opinions and make them our own, even when these things may not serve us.

How can we avoid absorbing thoughts and feelings from other people so that we can stay true to our own? The practice below is one way.

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Practice It: Imagine an Invisible Protective Sheath Around You

Visualize that you have a protective barrier surrounding your physical body. Just a few inches below the soles of your feet and above the crown of your head, this barrier protects you from negativity and things that may disrupt your inner peace.

Imagine going through life with this protection of peace acting as a shock absorber for anything you encounter that does not serve your highest good.

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