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Manifest: Take the First Step

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Create a life you love with this Word of the Week.

Word of the Week: Manifest

Set an intention and let the universe know it. Do something every day to cultivate and grow it.

What do you do when you want to manifest something?

The first step in manifesting what you want to create in life is to set an intention and let the universe know it. You can write your intention on a piece of paper, say it out loud or meditate on it. I practice all of these approaches. The universe is your friend, and when your intentions are aligned with what you truly want, the universe is the first to step up and help.

It's important to co-create with the universe. Do something every day to grow what you are trying to manifest. For example, if you are manifesting the launch of a creative project, do something small every day to make it happen. You can start writing tactics for a marketing plan for how you are going to share your work with others.

Side by side, the universe is here to be your guide.

For a Word of the Week every week that can help drive meaningful change in your life, tune in to my Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel and Instagram @JulieGtheYogi. I’m so excited that you're joining me on this journey.

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