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Give Birth to Infinite Possibilities

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

You have more power and inner strength to help you reach your potential than you could ever imagine. Believe in the power of your own potential and dream up the possibilities ahead of you because you’re destined for greatness.

Pregnant belly with Hello My Name Is Life sticker with green grass in background
Photo by Taken when I was 9 months pregnant with my first child.

We’re all born with an incredible amount of potential. Some of us will reach it. Some of us won’t. And for a variety of reasons. Working too much. Too many distractions. Not believing in ourselves. You know, life.

But you have more power and inner strength to help you reach your potential than you could ever imagine.

Pregnancy taught me this. Giving birth reinforced it. Breastfeeding solidified it. And being a working mom has validated it.

My pregnancies, although different every time, reminded me that life, especially new and forming creation, is full of possibilities, and that every tiny decision you make, every minor detail, can reach you closer to your potential of what could be.

No matter who you are and what you’re doing right now, you can breathe in potential and breathe it out with the practice below.

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Practice It: Believe in the Power of Your Own Potential

Do you believe in yourself, like really believe you can do anything that sets your soul alive? Show yourself that you believe you’re worth the time commitment and discipline it takes to meet it, that it’s worth your efforts. Apply yourself wholeheartedly. Be relentless.

The hours, months, years and decades will pass. You get out of it what you put into it.

The practice below was inspired by a question that my husband asks himself before bed every night: Did I do everything I could today to prepare myself for tomorrow? (Not did I do everything on my list, but did I really make an impact on what I’m aiming to achieve?)

Reflect on this before you go to bed tonight. Ask yourself: Did I do all that I could to reach my potential today?

If the answer is yes, then you've just made yourself proud. Tomorrow, ask yourself the same question and the day after that, too. Keep going. If your response is no, it’s not a failed day. It’s an enlightening one. You’re now more aware. Use this awareness as an opportunity to keep growing. Set an intention to improve tomorrow. Powerfully meet your potential where you are.

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