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Self-Care Tips for Teachers

Updated: Mar 15

Learn how these everyday self-care tips can help teachers live well in the Teaching and Learning Podcast, a podcast created for educators by educators.

What if self-care was an essential life skill that you learn about in school and not an afterthought? How do you actually practice self-care when you have a full day of teaching and planning? I explore these topics on an episode of The Teaching and Learning Podcast—a podcast created for educators by educators.

In the podcast, we talk about the importance of self-care for teachers and educators who are leading the next generation and are in a unique position to set the example—and the standard—for self-care beyond typical lesson plans.

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Practice It: Share the Podcast With a Teacher

Listen to the podcast and share it with your favorite educators today, so that we can all be on our way to prioritizing more self-care soon.


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