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Self-Care to the Rescue

Updated: Mar 15

If we all take good care of ourselves, we’ll have more energy, time and space to care for others. Learn how self-care can help raise the vibration of society.

Person in Tree pose outdoors
Stand up for your self-care and inspire others to do the same.

What do you want most for yourself this year?

Take a moment to think about this. What do you really want? Many of you will have an answer that will link back to happiness and/or health.

How do you become both happy and healthy when you’re busy?


Although the answer is simple, it’s not easy to keep up with a practice that may not be a habit. But we have to start somewhere, and today is the day. Hooray! This is exciting because self-care makes life more exciting. You get to feel better.

When you feel good, people notice and they’ll want that, too.

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Because we’re all connected, my self-care impacts you, your self-care impacts me and so on. When we take care of ourselves and radiate a self-care vibe, there is a ripple effect on everyone—not just those close to us—but all around us.

By modeling, leading and standing up for your self-care, others will be inspired. You’ll even inspire yourself, which may have that same ripple effect in your own life like gaining more confidence, following a dream or pursuing a goal.

Practice It: Start a Self-Care Conversation This Week

The next time you ask a family member or friend how they’re doing, spark a conversation about self-care. I’m not saying you have to ask them if they had five servings of fruits and veggies today but think about how you can work in self-care. For example, if they went for a walk, ask them where they went and how often they go. Share with them whether you go on walks, too.

The point is if we talk about self-care and begin to ask people questions about their own self-care, we keep the conversation going about why our happiness and health are top priority. We help others on their journey, and as a result, we raise the vibration of society by supporting each other. Self-care to the rescue.


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