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How Do You Know If You're Spiritual?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

How can you tell if you're a spiritual being? Learn how with this Word of the Week.

Spiritual power word of the week with image of woman with light hair wearing a black shirt and black and white checkered shorts looking at water and trees

Word of the Week: Spiritual

A divine connection with something you start carries the power of the universe in your heart.

When do you feel deeply connected to yourself, to nature, to the universe? What are you doing in those moments?

We are all spiritual beings.

We all have access to feeling and being more spiritually connected even in everyday life like when going to the grocery store and making dinner.

Not feeling spiritual? Here are some ways to reengage with your spirituality.

  • Go outside for a few minutes to look at the trees, the sky and the earth around you.

  • The next time you are near a lake, river or ocean, watch its pattern and notice how the sunlight glimmers on its service.

  • Begin a garden and grow fruits and vegetables you can mix and match in seasonal cooking.

  • Create an inviting, appealing setting for you to eat a meal, and savor every bite.

  • Watch the sun rise and set.

  • Regularly look up at the stars and moon. Notice how the night sky changes.

  • Attend yoga classes with a style of yoga and teacher that resonates with you.

  • Begin a home yoga practice.

  • Meditate. Start by watching your breath for one minute a day and build from there.

  • Journal just after you wake up for the day or just before you go to bed.

  • State what you're grateful for daily. Write it or say it out loud.

From Mother nature to our inner nature, spirituality is all around and within us and ready to connect with us whenever we're ready.

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The More Self-Care You Practice, the More Spiritual You Can Become

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