This Is Why I Can’t Clean My Closet Right Now

Updated: Apr 24

The life of a working mom (or at least this one) in the age of COVID-19 is busier than ever.

Clothes on hangers in closet
Between virtual classes and school assignments, the life of a working mom working remotely is busier than ever.

My days as a working mom at home with a preschooler and a kindergartner are the busiest they’ve ever been. And we haven’t driven to our typical activities going about our typical routines in a month. From the online school assignments and virtual classes, checking over worksheets, helping with handwriting, making lunches, monitoring what they’re watching on the screens and getting in some movement throughout the day, this is the life of a working mom (or at least this one) in the age of COVID-19.

I’m well aware that the days are becoming warmer where we live and the sun is staying out longer, and it’s spring cleaning time, which for many, means a time to organize and declutter. But not me. Not right now, anyway. I can’t clean my closet right now or keep up with the laundry or any other number of extra things, such as cook gourmet meals (we’ve been eating a lot of broccoli and gluten-free pasta) or watch a movie (unless I want to dip into my sleep time).

Working moms working from home and taking on the teaching responsibilities of their kids need more support than we ever have and we need it now. We can’t do it all or be expected to do it all, and that’s where self-care can help.

I do prioritize self-care every day with a variety of practices from sleep to yoga or exercise to meditation, journaling and more. I need to fill up my cup with self-care so that I can do everything I did today again tomorrow.

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Although weekdays blend into weekends, I see great gift in these days. And I have great appreciation that I am fortunate to be with my children during this very different time. To give them hugs throughout the day and to actually serve them lunch are little things I do not normally get to do when I am not with them during the weekday. I find myself looking forward to simple things, things we don’t ordinarily do in our ordinarily busy lives, things like our (almost) daily family walks where we can walk around the block just before the sun sets when it’s not too crowded, creating short family films (my husband’s idea), riding bikes and playing hopscotch. Simple. And so grateful for these.

So, no I won’t be organizing my closet or drawers today or tomorrow or probably next week. The closet and the stacks of papers, and the unfolded clothes and the dishes (well, at least some of them) will have to wait. For now.

I am doing what I can. We all are. The only way to go is forward. Keep moving forward.

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