3 Self-Care Tips for Working Moms During the Holidays

Updated: Apr 27

Step away from the computer and toward relaxation with these simple self-care practices.

Woman with white hat and olive green winter coat standing on gray ground looking at storefronts with holiday lights
Take those vacation days this month, especially if they don’t roll over into next year.

It’s the holiday season, but in reality, it’s not the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. The holidays often mean more work for working moms who are already stretched to the max.

I share three tips below (spoken from a recovering perfectionist and workaholic).

  1. Spend less time on your phone. Smartphones draw you in to keep clicking. Don’t do it! Set a timer, set a boundary, set a limit and turn your attention to something else that doesn’t involve a screen. It’s too easy to spend the day on a screen these days.

  2. Keep yourself accountable for when you’ll log off for the day. Keep this time consistent if possible. Have a log off time, and then a back-up log off time if your first time falls through. Honor it as closely as you can.

  3. Don’t make any plans for a day. Wait. What? Am I really suggesting that you do nothing for a day. Like an empty day? No appointments, activities, meetings? Yes. It can be done. Don’t be tempted by the lure of email or social media. Shut off your notifications. It’s the unplanned days with spontaneity where life can truly be lived. There is more to life than the daily grind.

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Practice It: Who Are You When You’re Not Working?

Journal about how you feel when you don’t have a deadline to meet or something specific to do. Not productive? Anxious? Emptiness, maybe? These restful pauses are part of life. We don’t always need to fill them in with stuff. We don’t always need to fill in the blank.

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