I See You, Busy Mama

Updated: Apr 24

Read this self-care call to action and letter to busy, working moms who deserve the opportunity to discover, grow and share their light with others.

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Can you find a way to put your self-care first this year?

Dear Busy Mama,

I see you waking up early, responding to emails at 5 a.m. when you’ve only slept a few hours because you were up all night with your baby. I see you packing lunches and book bags before the sun rises.

I see you juggling multiple things throughout the day every day—meeting a deadline that means skipping family dinner for the third night in a row, checking with five calendars to schedule an appointment, running three errands before 9 am on a workday.

I see you liking and commenting on social media at 8 p.m. after the kids are in bed and you haven’t had dinner yet.

Through the tangled spiderweb of busyness, I also see your light—the gift you are here to share with all of us. It might be writing, or listening or teaching. It might be a unique combination or something so exciting, you can hardly contain yourself! I see how your light gives you sparkle. Lights are like that.

You may be experiencing one of the busiest seasons of your life. Please be kind to yourself. Be gentle. Forgive yourself for not having patience sometimes and for not getting to everything on your list.

Above all, show yourself and your light some love every day. Learn more about it so that you can shine even brighter. And nourish it with self-care. Whatever that looks like for you. Go to bed early. Exercise. Write your thoughts. Cook a nutritious meal. Open that book on your nightstand. Have a conversation with a friend. Or all of the above.

Because I see me in you, too, and we’re all living in this busy, fast-paced world together. But the more light we shine, the more hope we bring to ourselves, our families and every life we encounter.

From my heart to yours, busy mama,

Julie G.

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Practice It: Write About Your Light Journaling is one of my favorite self-care practices. What do you want someone to recognize in you? Journal about what you want people to notice about you, and then write down one way you can share or grow your light today. Let me know how it goes @juliegtheyogi; tag #standupforyourselfcare.

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