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Sunny Side Up: A Self-Care Tip to Boost Your Mood

Updated: Mar 15

Lift your mood with this one simple self-care tip, and know that positivity can start at your kitchen table and with the people seated around it.

Sunny side up eggs on white plate with fork
Rise and shine, it’s positivity time.

How often do you find yourself in a negative self-talk rut?

I think most of us find ourselves in a loop of negativity every now and then. Self-doubt settles in. The What ifs? start playing on repeat. Fear takes over.

That’s when we know our pessimism has gone too far.

I have one simple recommendation: Surround yourself with positive people.

You can find uplifting people almost anywhere you look—in an uplifting book, among your friends and at the grocery store.

But you may not need to look that far. Positivity can start at your kitchen table and with the people sitting around it. Take a look around and notice how the people you see every day have the potential to lift you up. These are people who just might influence you to do better in this world, to be more kind, to be more grateful and to be more positive.

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I’m a believer in realistic optimism—practical positivity. When someone is genuinely positive, that is a reflection of the collective essence of their highest self.

After I interact with a positive person, I feel lighter. They share their shine so that others can shine. Do you experience that, too?

Surround yourself with positive people today, and you’ve just boosted your self-care.

Practice It: Reach Out to a Positive Person

Identify one optimistic person in your life who you know can sprinkle some joy in it and have a conversation with them this week. Call them or take a walk together. Soak in that positive radiance.

Maybe you’re that person for someone else?


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