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This Yoga Pose Helped My Sciatica During Pregnancy

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

I had sciatica during my pregnancies, and I did this seated yoga pose every day to feel better.

Woman in bright pink yoga top and blue yoga pants in Seated Single Leg Hip Stretch sitting on a stone wall on a wood bridge with green trees in the background
Photo © Copyright by Laura Brown Photography.

The sharp, searing pain that ran from my low back all the way down the back of my right leg became a familiar feeling in my third trimester during my pregnancies. It was always there, constant and tingling, whether I was walking, standing, sitting or sleeping. My hips would ache deeply every night while I was sleeping, and the pain would often startle me awake. (The pillow between my knees didn't work for me.)

These were part of my body’s response to growing babies. And I am so grateful to have the experiences to be growing and carrying babies, which is why I did the best I could to make peace with my sciatica.

Because of this simple pose that changed my life when I was pregnant, I taught yoga until I was eight to nine months pregnant with both of my babies. Whether you’re pregnant or not, it can help you, too. And it’s not just for sciatica. It can help your hips and low back.

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Practice It: Seated Hip Stretch With Forward Fold

  • Begin seated with your feet on the ground with your ankles below your knees.

  • Place your right ankle on your left thigh and your hands on your inner right thigh. Gently push downward on your thigh. Fold forward from your hips, leaning your upper body over your lower body to deepen the stretch. If the fold is too intense, skip it.

  • Linger here for as long as you need, and then switch sides.

Note that this website is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Speak with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine or wellness plan.

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