Why I Wrote a Book About Self-Care During the Busiest Time of My Life

Updated: Jan 21

I wrote a book during the height of my busy life to capture the self-care practices that inspire me to live well so that I can inspire other moms to do the same.

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After my second child was born, I began taking notes and writing down my ideas about my experiences of being a working, breastfeeding mom, determined to live well in this modern world, where we can hardly catch our breath from the constant stimulation of technology at our fingertips, and where stress and anxiety are always lurking.

In addition to me working full time and leading yoga classes, my husband was working and going to school full-time. Busy was what we knew. Busy was our rhythm.

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Drawing upon my yoga practice and deep interest in wellness, I was determined to balance being busy by taking care of myself. It’s not that I wanted to add more tasks to my overflowing plate, but that in order to continue to do all the things I was doing, I needed to nourish and nurture myself so that I could continue to serve others.

Taking care of so many people and so many things in my life, more self-care was just what I needed. I dedicated time every day to self-care, testing and experimenting with several practices. I developed a self-care routine that met my needs. I noticed that when I gave to myself, I could give so much more to others. I was more loving, compassionate, gentle, kind, loving and tolerant. Things seemed to flow more easily and gracefully.

I was inspired enough by being a busy working mom and maintaining my self-care practices that I was compelled to write a book about my experience so that I could help inspire other busy moms to do the same.

This book offers a raw and authentic account of the tools and techniques that helped me stay present with my many roles and responsibilities as a full-time working mom. The writing prompts, yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditations and other self-care practices that fill the pages help me live well as a busy mom. They can help you, too.

Why 108?

I am deeply connected to the number 108 because of its spiritual significance.

There are many references to 108 throughout yoga and Ayurveda. Here are a few:

  • Cosmic references and connections

  • 108 beads on a mala, which are prayer beads often used during japa (mantra) meditation

  • 108 marma points in the body in Ayurveda (Marma points are specific energy points in the body)

  • 108 sacred sites in India

This book is an offering to you. You, who deserves more self-care than you are allowing yourself to have. You, who can start leading the life you want to live by prioritizing your self-care first. This book can give you the courage to do just that. Allow self-care to lead the way. Everything (and everyone) else will follow. You are more worth it than you know!

Practice It: Discover Self-Care Practices to Help You Live Well

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