2 Reasons Why People Come to Yoga and Why You Should Try

Learn what motivates many yogis to keep showing up on their mats.

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Why do yoga students come back to their mats day after day, practice after practice? Of course, there are many reasons people continue to show up, but in my more than decade of practicing yoga and nine years of teaching it, I have found two primary reasons. Yoga helps them (and me):

  • Manage stress.

  • Sleep better.

These things seem so simple, but add a dozen or more to-dos to your list every day, and life and schedules can grow to be extraordinarily complex. Too overwhelming. Too much.

Enter Savasana (Final Relaxation Pose). Savasana provides the space to understand that we are enough, we do enough, and it gives us permission to just be and breathe. It’s the No. 1 pose I recommend to help manage stress and sleep better.

Whether you practice it at the end of a yoga session or on its own, this pose is worth the time it takes. It shows you how you can feel, respond and think when you are deeply relaxed, and how you can access another state of being that feels and looks a lot different than the constant state of doing.

Practice It: Savasana (Final Relaxation Pose)

  • Begin on the ground with extended legs, feet hip-distance apart.

  • Bring your arms a few inches from your torso and turn your palms to face up.

  • Close your eyes. Watch the rhythm of your breath until you begin to feel like your body is being breathed.

  • Stay here five to 10 minutes. Longer if you have the time today.

  • Reawaken quietly by bringing sensation to your fingers and toes. Circle wrists and ankles. Turn your head from side to side.

  • Bring knees to chest and roll to one side. Pause. Breathe.

  • Come to a comfortable seat.

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