A Breathing Exercise for Busy Mamas

Updated: Jan 20

Get calm and centered with this simple breathing exercise you can do before a meeting or appointment, driving in traffic, or during a toddler meltdown.

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Busy mama, I have a super simple breathing exercise for you.

It’s called Sama Vritti (Equal Breathing), and it can help you get calm and centered any time of day.

Try it before presenting at a meeting, driving in traffic, waiting for a freight train to pass, attending an appointment and even during a toddler meltdown at the grocery store. (I’ve practiced this many times during each of these situations, and it really works!)

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Practice It: Equal Breathing

  • Come to a comfortable seated position with your spine tall and long, and your hands at your heart or on your knees. Or if you find yourself standing in a long line, practice this right where you are.

  • Seal your lips slightly and allow your breath to go in and out through your nostrils.

  • Inhale through your nose, silently counting to four.

  • Exhale through your nose, silently counting to four.

  • As you inhale, allow your belly to expand. As you exhale, allow your navel to draw toward your spine. If it helps to visualize the breath, imagine a balloon expanding on each inhale and deflating on each exhale.

  • Continue counting to four on your inhales and four on your exhales for a few more rounds. Then come back to your natural breath.

Learn other easy breathing exercises, meditations and yoga practices in my book 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas (MSI Press), which is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and the MSI Press website.

Note that this website is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Speak with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine or wellness plan.

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