Do This Yoga Pose to Feel Your Best

The benefits of this pose will make you want to do the (seated) twist.

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Every time I roll up my yoga mat after a practice, I carry with me a feeling of lightness, as if it was my job to package up a little lightness and carry it around the earth with me. This feeling lasts long enough to take me to my next thing—whether it’s to make my kids lunch, go on a family walk or to wash the dishes.

I get a similar feeling of lightness after I release out of a twist—whether standing, seated, supine or restorative. Especially a restorative twist.

Twists are known for their detoxifying benefits, helping to wring out toxins in the digestive system, while clearing out negative thoughts and emotions.

The simple seated twist below will give you that feeling of lightness to help you feel your best.

Practice It: Simple Seated Twist

  • Begin seated on a chair. Come forward a few inches and align your knees over your ankles. Bring your arms toward the sky on an inhale. Float your right hand behind your right hip and land your left hand on your right knee on an exhale.

  • Allow your spine to lengthen on each inhale. Twist to the right on each exhale. Glance over your right shoulder.

  • After a few more breaths, stay in the twist while taking your gaze to look at your left knee. Notice how that changes the pose. Turn your gaze back over your right shoulder.

  • Return to center. Pause before taking a turn on the opposite side.

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