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How to Feed Your Soul

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Follow the thing that feeds your soul and makes a positive contribution to the world.

Woman with long, hair hair holding pita topped with diced avocado, onion and tomato
Are you hungry for more out of life?

What is the one thing you look forward to and wake up excited to do every day?

Whatever that is, it’s hungry for more of your attention.

Do you pay attention to it and grow it, or do you put it aside for a rainy day?

This thing that is most alive in you will connect you to your purpose.

Feed your purpose.

In return, let it nourish you and fuel your role in helping others. Your purpose and passion can help others.

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Practice It: Feed Your Passion

Do something every day to feed your purpose—whether that’s researching it, reading about it, practicing it or creating it. The world is waiting. Look ahead because that’s where you’re headed. You and your purpose are destined for greatness.


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