Self-Care Can Give You What You Want in the New Year

Updated: Apr 28

Thank this year for what it was and open your arms to the new year for what it could be.

Women with curly, long blonde hair looking up with eyes closed and smiling, with confetti sprinkled around against a light pink background
Hello new year, we’re ready for you.

What if I told you there was this thing within you that could give you what you want when you want it? You’d sign up, right?

It’s what I write about in my books 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas and How to Stay Calm in Chaos: An Everyday Self-Care Guide.

It’s what I talk about in my yoga classes.

It’s the foundation of my monthly self-care newsletter Nourish Note at

It’s what I talk about in my videos on the Stand Up for Your Self-Care YouTube Channel.

It’s what I blog about every week on my Stand Up for Your Self-Care blog.

It’s what I post about every week on Instagram and Facebook @JulieGtheYogi.

It’s what I know and am learning.

Can you guess what it is?

You said it.


Self-care can give you want you want in life. And your self-care journey starts today. You don’t need to wait to ring in the New Year to begin feeling better. You deserve better today.

Goodbye, this year. Hello new one.

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Practice It: Get Closer to What You Want

It’s journaling time. (My favorite!) Write about what self-care practice you want to start today. A more reasonable bedtime? More boundaries for when you log off for work? And then put it into action. Keep practicing.

Make a note in your calendar three months from now to look back at what you wrote. Did self-care bring you closer to what you wanted?

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