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How to Have the Courage to Be Creative

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

September is National Yoga Month, but a yoga practice can create a creativity cycle that lasts throughout the year.

Woman in black tank top and bright blue shirts practices modified triangle pose on beach with sand, water, and green grass and trees
I get a creativity boost every time I practice yoga.

Where do you get your ideas? How did you think of that?

For me, it all began in September 2008—the same month and year September officially became National Yoga Month—when I took my first yoga class.

I’ve been practicing yoga for all of this time and teaching it for a decade. The No. 1 thing that stands out to me about my life pre-yoga and the present moment is my courage to be more creative.

True, I knew I wanted to be a writer before my first yoga class, but it became more real, and more of a habit when I began to practice yoga. That's when I began to follow my dharma (life’s path).

I’d get ideas during meditation and when practicing yoga, so I started keeping paper next to my mat to jot down anything that popped up so I wouldn’t forget it.

Yoga has inspired me to follow my dreams and make many of them happen. It has helped me realize that I can boldly bring creativity to anything.

This is why I choose to celebrate yoga all year long—not just during National Yoga Month. Are you ready to for the steady stream of ideas?

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