My Friend Yoga

Updated: Apr 23

Like a good friend, yoga remains by your side through it all.

Woman with bright pink yoga top and blue yoga pants on a teal yoga mat on a wood deck with green trees in the background
Yoga is kind, compassionate, uplifting, inspiring, wise, peaceful and loving. And I can always count on Yoga to gently encourage and motivate me to rise above.

I’d like you to meet my friend Yoga.

I’ve known yoga for more than a decade. We became instant friends.

Yoga was born in India more than 5,000 years ago. Over the years, Yoga has transformed, but at its roots, Yoga can lead you to community and connection, and get you in touch with your true self through poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).

Yoga teaches me to be kind in thoughts, words and actions.

Yoga guides me to be more compassionate and to come from a place of understanding and curiosity instead of judgment, giving more grace to myself and others.

Yoga uplifts my layers—mind, body, spirit and beyond.

Yoga inspires me every day to do my best by showing up on my mat so that I can show up off my mat as a full-time working mom in a busy world.

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Yoga is wise, teaching me things about the world from a unique and ancient perspective, helping me understand who I truly am, what I am here to do and how I can continue to serve.

Yoga shows me peace, a constant reminder to remain calm and centered as often as possible.

Yoga helps grow infinite love—both self-love, accepting myself in this moment, this very breath, and having that same acceptance and love for others.

Yoga gently encourages and motivates me to rise above and go beyond to live the life I am meant to lead.

Yoga helps me thrive. And with yoga, anything is possible. I’m so glad we’re friends. In fact, I like yoga so much that I teach classes about Yoga and I wrote the book 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas so that more people can benefit from this lifelong friend.

Learn more about why yoga and me were meant to be in this article.

Have you met Yoga? What was your first impression? If you haven’t had a chance to meet, you can be friends with Yoga, too. Check out a local yoga class, DVD or video online. If you’re in the Chicago area, attend an upcoming yoga class with me.

Namaste, my friends.

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