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What Do You Do When Spirit Speaks to You in a Yoga Class?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

When do you feel most connected to spirit and aligned with your highest self?

Woman in white and teal shirt and black cropped leggings in Reverse Warrior on sand at beach
Yoga and other self-care practices can bring you closer to spirit.

Yoga. Meditation. Journaling. Motherhood. Nature. Sleep. Dreams.

It's in these practices where I have most frequently been in alignment with my highest self, allowing a direct pathway to spirit. I started connecting with spirit long ago: before the end of my first yoga class, peeking through during the daily grind, in rush-hour traffic, and in so many moments in between.

Your highest self is the version of you that channels spirit directly—when you’re basked in awareness and universal consciousness. It’s a fuller expression of your everyday essence. I usually experience my highest self during a moment of stillness: holding my babies, holding a restorative yoga pose, holding space to write, holding space for spirit.

Be open to the wisdom of spirit, and let it in.

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Practice It: Summon Spirit With This Outside In Reflection

Let’s take it off the mat and into the great outdoors. Go outside for 5 minutes and notice what you're naturally immediately drawn to—the chirping of the birds, tree branches swaying, the vibrance of a bed of flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass. Just observe.

After 5 minutes, transition to your indoor space and settle into a comfortable position. Same practice here, but indoors. See what comes up for you as you sit and breathe in stillness. Observe your inner state without judgement and attachment to anything that arrives. Be open to connecting with spirit.

Take it a step further:

Journal about both experiences. Was it easier to connect with spirit indoors or outdoors, or both?


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