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Keep Curiosity Alive With Yoga

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Learn how a yoga practice can help you stay curious about your inner and outer worlds.

One of my tips for beginner yoga students (and advanced yogis, too) is to remain curious—both on and off the mat.

Curiosity can help you be more willing to explore something new or familiar with an open mind and a fresh perspective. Every time you step onto your mat is another chance to learn something about yourself, which doesn’t just benefit you, but also how you show up to help others, too.

Curiosity is in the Tree Pose that you may be trembling in one day and then steady and calm in the next, as if your feet were rooted into the earth like a sturdy plant. In balance poses, curiosity teaches you that if you fall out of a pose, you can get right back in it. Maybe you focus on your breath or a focal point the next time in a balance pose.

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Curiosity is in your response to your toddler’s meltdown at the park. It's also in the experimenting with new ingredients with one of your go-to meals.

Curiosity helps you remain open to the possibilities. It keeps you asking “Why?” and “Why not?”

Keep curiosity alive with a yoga practice and watch your practice—and your mind—expand.

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